Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT Master II Replica Watch

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT Master II replica is a stylish, very functional high-end luxury watch from the Swiss watchmaker. Sophisticated in both appearance and operation, it is a beautiful replica watch that somehow manages to come across as modest and understated. With a long and interesting history, the Rolex GMT Master II is one of the most popular of Rolex Professional model watches.

The Rolex GMT Master II replica has a 24-hour hand and an independently adjustable 12-hour hand allowing you to simultaneously check the time in any two time zones. This feature was originally developed during the early days of trans-Atlantic flights for Pan Am pilots, who used GMT time during flights, allowing them to simultaneously monitor both GMT and local time. With the watch’s movement becoming more sophisticated over the years, it now allows the standard hour-hand and the date to be set independently of the other hands, allowing for very smooth and simple movement from one time zone to the next.

Features include:

• 24-hour hand (see below).

• Automatic movement (caliber 3185) with an approximately 50-hour power reserve.

• Waterproof to 100 metres/330 feet.

• Bi-direction rotating bezel. Rotating the bezel in either direction enables you to quickly and easily track a third-time zone without having to reset the hour-hand.

• Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

• Screw-down crown (the Rolex GMT Master II utilizes the Twinlock crown).

• Magnifying date “cyclops” for the date window.

• White gold hands and hour markers.

• Sold stainless steel case and bracelet, which uses actual screws to fasten the links together, rather than friction pins.

• Luminescent hands and hour markers.

• Flip-lock clasp.

The Rolex GMT Master II‘s GMT feature is usually used in one of two ways. First is the technique the Pan Am pilots used, which is to keep track of both GMT and local time simultaneously. The second method, more commonly used by travelers as opposed to pilots, is to set the 24-hour hand and the 12-hour hand to the same hour while in your “home” time zone, then adjusting the hour-hand and date either ahead as you travel east, or back as you travel west. The GMT Master II’s movement is unique, in that it allows you to adjust the hour and date backward just as easily as forwards.

While the Rolex GMT Master II replica is easy to use, some explanation is required. First, the crown has four separate positions. The zero position is all the way in and screwed down. To get to the first position, simply unscrew the crown and let it pop out away from the threads. You cannot set the watch with the crown in the first position, but it can be wound manually (about 30 partial clockwise rotations will wind the spring sufficiently). Typically, you then want to move the crown out to the third and last position, which allows you to set the minute hand and the 24-hour hand. At this point, don’t concern yourself about the date and hour hand. Once the minute hand and the 24-hour hand are in position, push the crown all the way back in to get the watch started again (don’t screw the crown down just yet), then pull the crown back out to the second position, or one in from the last. This is where you set the hour hand and the date. Turn the crown in either direction until the date and the hour hand is accurate, then you’re done. Push the crown all the way back in, and screw it down. When traveling, unscrew the crown, pull it out to the second position, then move the hour hand either forward or backward depending on which direction you are traveling in. Keep the hour hand and the date synchronized with local time, and use the 24-hour hand to monitor the time back home.

To fully appreciate the Rolex GMT Master II, there are a few important features of its movement which you should understand:

1. When setting the hour-hand and date, the crown can be turned in either direction, allowing the watch to be set forward and backward. Most replica watches are designed to only run in one direction and can be damaged if setting them backward.

2. When setting the hour and date, the watch keeps running, allowing you to adjust the watch to a new time without losing any time on your watch. If you are setting the second hand and the 24-hour hand, however, the watch does stop, allowing you to make time adjustments down to the second.

3. If setting the hour hand and the date, the date will change at precisely midnight, rather than gradually changing over a period of hours.

Some people actually prefer the fake Rolex GMT Master II‘s GMT movement over traditional movements due to its ease of use – once understood – and its flexibility, even when tracking multiple time zones isn’t required.

The only weak spot about the Rolex GMT Master II replica is the clasp. Overall, the watch has a solid feel to it that exudes quality and craftsmanship – until you get to the clasp. Rolex replica tries to make the clasp invisible by stamping a pattern into it so that it blends in with the bracelet. Clasps are an important part of a watch and, it may be argued, should be emphasized and celebrated in their own right, not camouflaged. Another thing is the fact that the clasp is too thin and cheap looking. Although there are rarely problems encountered with it, and the Oysterlock bracelet is generally very well respected, the clasp looks cheap and a little silly to some people. That being said, however, it’s rare that you will ever find a watch with which you love every aspect of it. So overall, the issue with the clasp is minor – as long as it stays fastened.

In your hands, the solid stainless steel feels like satin, and the movement feels tight and precise while adjusting the hands. The bezel is easy to rotate, yet firm and the sapphire crystal is perfectly polished. Since Rolex manufactures their own movements (unlike most watch makers who purchase them from other companies) the inside of a Rolex is as well crafted as the outside.

The Rolex replica GMT Master II is available with a black or brown dial and with three different bezel styles: black, red and black, and the classic blue and red. The Rolex GMT Master II is selling for about $4,525 at the time of this writing, and don’t expect bargains as the price is almost never discounted. If you’re shopping for a Rolex GMT Master II make sure you are dealing with a reputable authorized Rolex dealer, and make sure that all the paperwork is in order.

If you’re looking for a very good looking, high quality, subdued watch to accompany you on trips across multiple time zones, you will not be disappointed with the Fake Rolex GMT Master II.

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