Replica Louis Cartier, Tank King

Replica Louis Cartier, Tank King three Size

Cartier has a long history and high value. Forbes once said that Cartier is a historic brand with $ 9.6 billion. And Cartier has provided the royal family with more than a century of watches and jewelry. The Tank series has always been a classic of Cartier. Today we know Replica Louis Cartier, the king of tanks.

Since 1917

The first Tank Knock off watches was designed by Louis Cartier in 1917 and released in 1919. The goal is to hope that the soldiers in the war can see the time by raising their wrists, rather than pulling a pocket watch out of their pockets. There are four watches in the Tank collection. TANK AMERICAINE, TANK LOUIS CARTIER, TANK FRANCAISE, and TANK CENTER. The replica Louis Cartier mentioned in this article is definitely the king in Tank.

Since the release of Tank in 1919, the number of Louis Cartier has been very small. So apart from royalty and celebrities, ordinary people did not know Louis Cartier. So I can only start with Louis Cartier, which was widely released after the 1970s. The Louis Cartier men’s watch produced in the 1970s measures 33.5 x 25.5mm. That’s right, this is a small size men’s watch and has NO.021 movement. And Louis Cartier, the king of tanks, has been made from gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum.

Year 2006

In 1998, Panerai began producing large diameter watches and became popular. Replica Cartier felt the pressure and produced a Louis Cartier 30 x 39.2mm in 2006. This Louis Cartier uses NO.9701MC movement. And the case back is transparent. But two years later, the watch stopped production. A total of 250 rose gold and 50 platinum watches remain. These 300 watches are no longer available, and of course, you can buy high-end Replica Louis Cartier at

Year 2011

Five years later, Cartier produced the larger replica Cartier Louis Tank. The new Louis has a wider width, 34.9 x 40.4. This size of Louis Tank is the most popular watch in the Louis collection. And this pink gold Louis is only 5.1mm thick, 5.1mm is the thinnest thickness in Cartier watches. And this Louis uses 430MC mechanical movement. However, the closed-back cover was restored.

So far Louis Cartier has been the king of tanks. Although it is not as popular as Tank MC or Tank Francaise, Louis has natural gems and a dial without a second hand. Louis can’t go wrong with delicate dresses.