How Can You Differentiate Between Fake and Original Rolex Watch?

Owning the Rolex Watch will help you look so good and even bring pure joy. But it is not something everyone can have because of the luxury timepieces. However, because of the huge demand for these Rolex watches, there is no surprise you can find different types of Rolex Replicas.

So, it becomes easy for you to get fake Rolex watches at an affordable price, and even it is hard for you to differentiate between them. These replicas look the same as the original, but still, there are ways through which you can differentiate between the both. But only if you will take a closer look at it!

Points for Differentiation

1.     Quality Change

Rolex is the most luxurious brand you can find on this planet, and that is because of its durability, style, prestige, and quality. But when you get a replica of Rolex, that may not offer you the same quality, which means it may not work for a long time. Due to the quality, you will be able to differentiate between the both.

However, there are some trusted replicas providers who guarantee you that they will provide you with high-quality watches which will be of high quality.

2.     Different Manufacturer

The main point of difference is the manufacture because the Rolex Company will not make its replica. So, if the manufacturer you choose is not the same as the original one, it means it is a replica of that.

3.     Serial and Model Number

Another way to differentiate between the both is because of the serial and model number. An original Rolex is the one that will refer to the serial and case reference number. But on the other hand, replica watches are the ones that will have faint tiny dots because of the lower quality.

But these serial or model number is hidden in both original and fake, and no one will come to you and ask you to show the reference number.

4.     Markings

Because of the marking, you can also find a replica of the Rolex watch. These replica watches come in different grades, which have low quality. Moreover, there are some low-quality replica watches where the manufacturers do not bother to put the logo or brand name.

These are not the situation of every manufacturer. Some reputed replica watch providers take quality seriously and make sure it looks the same as the original one.

5.     Weight

The original Rolex watches weigh more as they come from the finest quality material, and there is no corner cut in the production process. But when you get the replica watch, its weight will not be more than the original one. So, if your watch does have the heft, then it means it is the replica.

The Final Words

Finding the difference between the two is not easy, but you can know about it if you check closely. But if you get the replica, there is not much problem because that will look the same, and you can show off easily.


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