Fake Rolex Explorer 1016, A Classic Watch

Rolex is one of the most well-known watch brands in the world. Every Rolex watch is focused on reliable performance and quality. Explorer collection is an adventure watch suitable for everyday wear. Explorer I and Explorer II are one of the most versatile watches. The styles and features of each watch are constantly updated, and they are becoming more and more fashionable. But there are always many people who are nostalgic, such as this retro fake Rolex Explorer 1016.

Rolex Explorer 6350 Fake

The name Explorer first appeared on the dial of Ref. 6350. This is the watch that Tenzing Norgay wore when he climbed Everest. Since then, the Explorer collection has remained to this day. The dial of the fake Rolex Explorer 6350 uses Mercedes hands. This is the first time the Explorer collection has used this pointer.

Rolex Explorer 1016 Fake

Fake Rolex Explorer 1016 was released in 1963. This simple and reliable Ref.1016 is the longest used Explorer watch, 1963-1989. You can see the most original and classic details on this fake watch. It also has a 36MM 904L stainless steel oyster case. The black frosted dial is also the classic 3-6-9 hour markers. The dial design of Explorer is very reasonable. Explorers can read time accurately and quickly even during the most difficult journeys. Fake Rolex Explorer 1016 has luminescent materials on all hands and hour markers. So Explorer allows explorers to read time in the dark.

For the first time, fake Rolex Explorer 1016 uses a case with a water resistance of 100M. Explorer watches before Ref. 1016 had a water resistance of only 50M. Many people also say that 36MM Explorer is the real Explorer. Although Explorer has now increased the size to 39MM, more people prefer the 36MM. The 36MM Explorer is very light, and it is very suitable for casual mountaineering.

Although the Rolex Explorer 1016 has been discontinued, it is indeed the longest running Rolex watch. Fake Rolex Explorer 1016 has an interesting history, and it has the history of the Rolex brand. So do you like such a fun and reliable watch?

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